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Maintainer: Vladimir Grishchenko, Johann Gyger
Latest release: 3.3.0  ()
Latest preview:  ()
Platform: Platform independent
Genre: Java, Decompiler, Eclipse plug-in
License: CPL
Languages: English, Russian

JadClipse is a plug-in that seamlessly integrates Jad (the fast Java decompiler) with Eclipse.

Normally, when opening a class file the Class File Viewer will show a brief API outline of the class. If you install this plug-in, however, the Class File Viewer will be replaced with the JadClipse Class File Viewer that shows the decompiled source of the class. This task is accomplished by decompiling the corresponding class file in the background using Jad. Normal Java syntax highlighting as well as the Outline View are supported.

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21 February 2009 JDT Decompiler 3.4.0 preview released

The JadClipse plug-in has been completely rewritten to support multiple decompiler back-ends. Third party decompilers can now make use of a generic decompiler extension point. Check out the new JDT Decompiler plug-ins from this update site: Make sure that the new Decompiled Class File Editor is the default editor for class files (Preferences > Editors > File Associations > *.class).

Major changes:

  • The preferences are now listed under Java > Decompilers.
  • JODE has been integrated as a decompiler.
  • Java Decompiler (JD) could be integrated as well. Vote for it:
  • Once a decompiled class is open you can decompile with an arbitratry decompiler from the editor context menu Decompile With.

11 April 2007 - JadClipse 3.3.0 released


  • Support for Eclipse 3.3M6

23 December 2006 - JadClipse 3.2.4 released


  • Bug fixes
    • Prevent stack overflow in JadclipseSourceMapper.findSource() (thanks univerz2 for patch).
  • Set required Java environment to Java 4 (J2SE-1.4)

26 October 2006 - JadClipse 3.2.3 released


  • Bug fixes
  • New plug-in structure: Fully qualified package name net.sf.jadclipse instead of just jadclipse.
  • New feature plug-in available as net.sf.jadclipse-feature.

25 October 2006 - Website redesign

The new JadClipse home page is based on MediaWiki.

17 April 2006 - JadClipse 3.2.2 released


  • Possibility to reformat the decompiled code using the Eclipse code formatter. Check out the new option Preferences... > Java > JadClipse > Use Eclipse code formatter. This new option may interfere with formatting instructions of Jad and is therefore experimental and disabled by default.
  • Preferences... > Java > JadClipse > Debug: Decompiled code is only aligned if the the output of line numbers is turned on.
  • Improved integration of Outline View. Folding and other features are now supported as well as double clicks for toggling breakpoints. Breakpoints work best when the option Preferences... > Java > JadClipse > Use Eclipse code formatter is disabled and the two options under Preferences... > Java > JadClipse > Debug are enabled.


There are several distribution files that you can download. Select the appropriate version depending on which version of Eclipse you are running.

Note: Jad (the decompiler executable) must be downloaded separately here.

JadClipse 3.3

This release stream is appropriate for Eclipse 3.3.

Filename Size Description
net.sf.jadclipse_3.3.0.jar 45 KB JadClipse for Eclipse >= 3.3M6

JadClipse 3.2

This release stream is appropriate for Eclipse 3.2.

Filename Size Description
net.sf.jadclipse_3.2.4.jar 45 KB JadClipse for Eclipse >= 3.2M5
jadclipse_3.2.0.jar 54 KB JadClipse for Eclipse 3.2M3 and M4

JadClipse 3.1

This release stream is appropriate for Eclipse 3.1.

Filename Size Description
jadclipse_3.1.0.jar 54 KB JadClipse for Eclipse 3.1 (including milestone builds starting from 3.1M6 up to 3.2M2)

JadClipse 1 & 2

Older JadClipse releases for Eclipse 1, 2 and 3.0. Please refer to the SourceForge download area and the JadClipse forums for these releases.


  • Put the JadClipse JAR file into the plugins folder of your Eclipse installation.
  • Restart Eclipse (eclipse -clean).
  • Get Jad.
  • Put the Jad executable into a directory that is in the execution path of your operating system. Alternatively, you can configure the path to the Jad executable under Window > Preferences... > Java > JadClipse > Path to Decompiler. (Set the full path, e.g. C:\Program Files\Jad\jad.exe)
  • Go to Window > Preferences... > General > Editors > File Associations and make sure that the JadClipse Class File Viewer has the default file association for *.class files.


The JadClipse plug-in is not activated when I start Eclipse.
You'll need to launch Eclipse with the -clean flag to allow the environment to detect the plug-in. Subsequent launching of Eclipse won't require the -clean flag.
eclipse -clean

The Eclipse Class File Viewer instead of the JadClipse Class File Viewer is opened.
Go to Window > Preferences... > General > Editors > File Associations and make sure that the JadClipse Class File Viewer has the default file association for *.class files.

The JadClipse Class File Viewer does not show the decompiled source.
If the editor contains the following text segment JadClipse was not able to execute the Jad binary. Make sure that the path to the binary (Path to Decompiler) is set correcly in the preferences.


	Decompiled from: D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_06\jre\lib\rt.jar
	Total time: 16 ms
	Jad reported messages/errors:
	Exit status: 0
	Caught exceptions: CreateProcess: (...)
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